Listing Update

As part of developing the new VAA website, you have an opportunity to update your profile, add more images and video. The profiles include a large feature image at the top of the page, an image or video at the top of the right hand column, and a photo gallery below the map at the bottom of the profile page. The only image that is required is the feature image at the top.

Please complete the form below to update your VAA profile.

NOTE: All images should be sent (or send a link to a download site) to Karen Foote ( If you send more than one image, please indicate which image should be used for the feature image.

Please we have a copy of your current logo.


  • Image dimensions: minimum 1200 pixels wide (or tall) by 800 pixels tall (or wide).
  • File formats: jpg, png, tiff
  • One or more people in the image
  • Ideally interacting with something or someone
  • Smiles or at least a generally happy vibe from the image
  • Looking at the camera is great, looking just over the photographer's shoulder is good, looking sideways is acceptable in the right photo.
  • Colorful - rich colors, in focus, sharp detail
  • Video is also encouraged. Up to 3 minutes if you wish. File formats: mp4, mov


Tags describe what you want visitors to know about your business. These are clickable links and are used by the site search tool.

  • You can choose up to 5 tags
  • You don't have to select any but they will help visitors find you
  • If you have a suggestion for a tag, please let us know.