renovation contractors in Vermont

I Had An Idea

I noticed something while reading emails from Front Porch Forum. I saw a lot of the same sort of questions. They typically happen at the beginning of the season and go something like this:

  • Does anyone have a recommendation for snow plowing?
  • I need a handy person to fix some drywall.
  • Furnace issues? Who do you use?

Yes I know Angie’s List and HomeAdvisor provide listings of contractors but Home in 802 is different. My intent is to include contacts for the many different services that don’t qualify for AL and HA such as a lawn mowing service that is actually a summer job for an industrious teenager.

Also, Home in 802 is built by Vermonters for Vermonters – it’s intended to be community driven. After all, who knows the peculiarities of how we do things in Vermont better than us? It’s a volunteer project of love. I hope you find it useful.

All the best!


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